Diesel x Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap

In the world of street fashion super-slick, designer collaborations are an absolute must have. Fashion brands will do anything to earn a few extra cool points, even if that means partnering with the competition for a share of their coolness. Well, not us. At Diesel, we think these collaborations are a tired and conventional way […]


Publicis and Diesel collecting awards at the NY Festivals and at the One Show

Milan, 18 May 2018 – Further awards have been assigned to the campaigns Publicis Italia, the agency headed by the CEO Bruno Bertelli and the CCO Cristiana Boccassini, has realised for Diesel. The NY Festivals rewarded them with three golds, four silvers and three bronzes, while the One Show granted one silver and four merits […]


D&AD and Andy awarded Publicis and Diesel

Milan, 4 May 2018 – Publicis Italia, the agency headed by the CEO Bruno Bertelli and the CCO Cristiana Boccassini, gained several awards at the D&AD and at the Andy, thanks to its campaigns for Diesel. The D&AD awarded the agency’s work with one Grafite and three Wood(s), while Andy assigned a gold at the […]

Local Heroes

Italy has around 6000 small villages where everything speaks of the country identity and local life. From the buildings to the small shops, everything shapes the local unique personalities, except the streets. Most of their names have nothing to do with local history and are repeated in every village. For this reason the City Council […]

The Beach House

A man and a woman are travelling by car. It’s clear from their talking that it’s not their first trip together, but it’s probably their last: they are on the way to a lawyer’s office to sign their divorce papers. Everything is set, apart from one last decision: what shoud they do with the beach […]

The Swap

The young people who do their best to achieve their goals at work often have to give up their passions, like their own team of the heart. Dacia “The Swap” is the new project signed by Dacia and Udinese which rewards those who are busy every day, even on the weekend, giving them a protagonist […]

The host

More and more people are choosing private homes to stay in during their travels. How to renovate your holiday home and rent it more easily? With The Host, Leroy Merlin made home renovation easy and signed the ads on HomeAway making them the most clicked of all.    

The Dream Cradle

Parents have always had a secret for getting their children off to sleep: take them out for a car ride. To improve mum and dad’s life and prevent them from having to drive around all night long, Renault and Chicco have designed and created “The Dream Cradle”, the first cradle that imitates a car journey, […]


Publicis Italia is the 2016 queen of creativity for the Gunn Report

The agency led by Bruno Bertelli, again according to the data reported in the Gunn Report, has been the most awarded Italian agency in the world since 2012. Added to this is the fact that, last year, Heineken was ranked the most awarded customer. We remind you that, since June 2015, the beer brand has […]

We are family

With an advertising commercial created by Publicis Italia, Dacia launches the Family Special Edition: modern design, useful technology and plenty of comfort for the driver and all the family. An entire range, designed for all lifestyles, is ideal for all cities or long journeys, at a price that is always affordable. The TV advertising campaign […]

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