The Sign

Research about consumers’ behavior shows that separate collection goes up by 141% just by making the appropriate bins easier to find. This means that people are already willing to recycle: they just need a little push. Through this minimal OOH campaign based on the brand’s iconic ribbon, we made recycling bins of major cities across […]

ADCI 2019 agency of the year

PUBLICIS WINS THE GRAND PRIX, 12 GOLD, 7 SILVER AND 5 BRONZE AND IS NAMED AGENCY OF THE YEAR Diesel, Heineken, Leroy Merlin, Coca-Cola and Renault were awarded the highest accolades. Publicis Italy returns again to the top level of the ADCI Awards and for the second consecutive year is named Agency of the Year, […]

Reach the sunrise

To talk about moderation to a target group that associates excesses with fun, Heineken focused on consumer insight regarding the target group: “Very often, the best opportunities come towards the end of the night”. This led to the signature campaign line “Sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers”. The video was launched on the night of 31 December […]

ADCI Awards 2021: Publicis Italy wins three Golds, five Silvers and two Bronzes

Publicis Italy was awarded with three Golds, five Silvers and two Bronzes at the ADCI Awards 2021. Again this year we are very proud of our team’s work! The three Gold were assigned to Playlist Timer for Barilla in the categories “Postcast, streaming and voice supports”, “Direct Marketing – Digital and Social” and “Branded Content […]

Golden Drums crowned Publicis Italy

Last Friday night, Publicis Italy was awarded with six Grand Prix, seven Golds, two Silvers and four Bronzes at the Golden Drums, thanks to six campaigns: Shutter Ads, We’ll meet again and Super League for Heineken, Enjoy before returning and Francesca for Diesel, Playlist Timer for Barilla. These recognitions crown us as Agency of the […]

The Invisible Store

By far, brand visibility has been the touchstone of every sensible brand strategy. With subtlety engraved into its DNA and years of logo less statement pieces, Bottega Veneta wanted to prove that you can be visible without being loud. So we launched: The Invisible Store. A 3 M high, 100 meters square almost invisible installation […]

Niccolò Rigo

From Milan, Niccolò started his career in London. He is a truly integrated strategist with extensive experience in both traditional and digital agencies including R/GA, Work Club, Naked Comms, Havas London and Alkemy Milan. He brings together the worlds of brand strategy and storytelling, digital and content planning and human-centred experience design. He joined the […]

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