The Sign

Research about consumers’ behavior shows that separate collection goes up by 141% just by making the appropriate bins easier to find. This means that people are already willing to recycle: they just need a little push. Through this minimal OOH campaign based on the brand’s iconic ribbon, we made recycling bins of major cities across […]

ADCI 2019 agency of the year

PUBLICIS WINS THE GRAND PRIX, 12 GOLD, 7 SILVER AND 5 BRONZE AND IS NAMED AGENCY OF THE YEAR Diesel, Heineken, Leroy Merlin, Coca-Cola and Renault were awarded the highest accolades. Publicis Italy returns again to the top level of the ADCI Awards and for the second consecutive year is named Agency of the Year, […]

Reach the sunrise

To talk about moderation to a target group that associates excesses with fun, Heineken focused on consumer insight regarding the target group: “Very often, the best opportunities come towards the end of the night”. This led to the signature campaign line “Sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers”. The video was launched on the night of 31 December […]

ADCI Awards 2022: Publicis Italy | Le Pub is named Best Agency of the Year collecting 1 Gran Prix and 12 Metals

The ADCI Awards – Italy’s most important award for creativity and quality in adv, which has rewarded the best campaigns for over 35 years – crowned Publicis Italy | Le Pub as Best Agency for 2022. Publicis Italy | Le Pub won 1 Grand Prix, 5 Gold, 3 Silver and 4 Bronze with Bottega Veneta, […]

Publicis Italy | Le Pub is awarded with 1 Gold and 5 Bronze at 2022 London International Awards (LIA)

Publicis Italy | Le Pub won 1 Gold and 5 Bronze with Heineken, Netflix and Bottega Veneta clients. Heineken projects achieved outstanding results with 1 Gold and 3 Bronze: “The Closer” campaign took home 1 Gold in Integration (Zeitgeist) while “Boycott Ads”, “The Virtual Heineken Silver” and “The Unwasted Beer” campaigns got 3 Bronze respectively […]

Passive Cooking

The project aims to inspire consumers around the world to take part in having a beneficial impact on the planet through simple actions by inviting people to embrace positive behaviours by changing their kitchen habits, while educating pasta lovers on a new way of enjoying pasta as a “Sign of love for the planet”: a […]

Publicis Italy | Le Pub is named “Agency of the Year” winning big at The Golden Drum Awards 2022

Publicis Italy | Le Pub landed top accolades at this year’s Golden Drum International Festival of Creativity picking up 5 Grand Prix, 5 Golden Drum Awards, 8 Silver Drums and 4 Bronze with Heineken, Netflix and Bottega Veneta clients. For the third time in a row, the agency was recognized as “Agency of the Year” […]

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