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Romanian Witches vs The Witcher

For the Romanian launch of The Witcher S2, Netflix challenged three renowned witches to answer the fans questions on the new season using only magic. Real, unscripted, predictions.

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To make Netflix relevant in a pop cultural moment, the music festival of Sanremo, we made a campaign that plays on a strong local insight: for one week, the whole Italy literally stops to watch the show. The campaign tells…

The Sound of Stories

With its latest campaign, Netflix reminds us that even daily scenarios can turn into the beginning of a great new tv show or movie, for those that can recognize them. Because whenever we hear “Tudum”, sounds like a good story…

No Spoiler Heist

A group of super-selected fans of La Casa de Papel is flying to Madrid for an exclusive screening of the highly anticipated Volume 1 of the last part of the series. That’s what they know.  What they don’t know is…

A Classic Horror Prank

Watching a horror movie can be a frightening experience, but never like thinking that the scenes can turn into reality. For the launch of A Classic Horror Story, Netflix created A Classic Horror Prank, bringing fear to the streets of…

A Classic Horror Story: Andy

6 out of 10 people don’t watch scary movies if they’re alone. To launch A Classic Horror Story, Netflix has created Andy, the first hand that holds your hand. Thanks to its sensors, Andy recognizes your fear and gives you…

The Crown: Royalty Returns

Italy’s powerless Prince Emanuele Filiberto was born in exile; forbidden from ever taking the throne. But, on November 14th, he made a one-time, unbranded announcement across national TV stating the return of the royal family. Italy was abuzz with the…

Money Heist – Plaza de Papel

A Netflix fan-favorite since the first season, Money Heist tells the stories of modern-era Robin Hoods specialized in taking over symbols of financial power. To launch the third season of the show, Netflix did just the same. Two days before…

Luna Nera – The witch hunt is still open

For the launch of Luna Nera, the original Italian series about women persecution during the XVII century, Netflix invited people to reflect on the current issue: yes, women are no longer burnt at the stake, but the persecution isn’t over…

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Ant-Man and The Wasp


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The Office Cleaners

Leroy Merlin

Lab for Change


Passive Cooking


Bar Experience


The Closer

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