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Nescafè – The Message

In sport as in life, it’s impossible to achieve a goal without the support of the people closest to us every day. But do these people really know how much they mean to us? A cup of Nescafé is the best way to tell them, making moments more meaningful. To show them, we’ve created “The Message”, during an international ice-skating competition.

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The Hello Bench

ENG ENG Far nascere nuove relazioni è più difficile di quello che si pensa, anche quando si è in mezzo a centinaia di migliaia di persone. Per farlo serve una scintilla, una nuova opportunità e, naturalmente, una red mug. È…

The Nextdoor Hello

From “poisonous relatives”… to “diffident neighbours”. In the past, dreaded relatives were avoided while today diffidence has spread to our neighbours. NESCAFÉ has made “The Nextdoor Hello”, a video experiment created by Publicis Italia. An apartment block in Milan and…

The Hello Experiment

Created by Publicis Italia for the Nescafé brand, “The Hello Experiment” is a real experiment in psychological and social observation that involved over 300 people, selected in a library in Milan. The aim was to test to what extent diffidence…


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