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Lab for Change

Every year Leroy Merlin offers training courses for its employees to develop skills to help customers plan their future. But what if, for once, a training course helped design the future of those who can’t even imagine one? This is the idea behind Lab For Change, a carpentry workshop inside the Beccaria Juvenile Detention Center to help young inmates design their own tomorrow and develop skills for reintegration into society. One of the boys who took the carpentry training course is about to begin his work path at Leroy Merlin.

Other projects Leroy Merlin

Lesson for Good

Leroy Merlin with Lessons for Good changed the history of DIY lessons, making them useful to dozens of Italian NGO’s. The idea was simple and impressive: moving from the store, the place where Leroy Merlin has always given lessons to…

Start your tomorrow

The home is not only the place that reflects who we are today, but it is the place that tells us what we would like to become tomorrow. A positive view of the near future, which each of us unravels…

Borghi Ritrovati – A challenge for a new life

In Italy thousands of villages risk disappearing. Leroy Merlin chose one of them, Calamecca, and together with one of the main generalist networks, created a television format to repopulate it. In the small village it summoned his best collaborators and…

The host

More and more people are choosing private homes to stay in during their travels. How to renovate your holiday home and rent it more easily? With The Host, Leroy Merlin made home renovation easy and signed the ads on HomeAway…


Buying and selling used objects is not only the most convenient way to get rid of what you no longer need or to find what you are looking for. It is, above all, the easiest way to move on from…

Tutorial for Good

Publicis Italia presents “Tutorial For Good”, the first series of video tutorials by Leroy Merlin. They are not only useful for those who watch them but also for those who take part in them. Video tutorials usually provide invaluable help…


The goal of the new advertising campaign, created by Publicis Italia, for Leroy Merlin is to strengthen its image as a leading brand that not only sells single products but also assists customers in implementing complete projects. This creative concept…


Just Another Night Out


Lady & The Tramp


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The Office Cleaners


Passive Cooking


Bar Experience


The Closer


#SecondLifePasta – World Pasta Day

Mulino Bianco

Pancake Emoji Delivery


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