A prova di uomo (Man-proof)

In May 2015, Tampax introduced a communication campaign with a strategy and digital project created by Publicis Italia.

In Italy, many women still believe that a Tampax is difficult to use, without ever having tried one. How could we convince them that this is not the case? By simply showing them that even a man can figure out how one works.

In a video designed for the Web, several men were asked to try and understand how some objects, which women find easy to use, work.

Publicis Italia not only produced a video for the Web but also created a new website www.tampax.it, with extra content that can also be accessed using a mobile device. The agency also launched a Fan Page on Facebook www.facebook.com/tampax.italia and a contest.

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Will I lose my virginity if I put it in? Will it get lost up there? Is it difficult to insert? These are some of the many doubts that haunt the thoughts of young girls who approach the world of tampons.…

I decide.

  The social barriers that women have to face in their daily life will always be there. Although there’s no barrier that should stop a woman, not even the period. Tampax supports women everyday, helping them to feel free of…


In order to prove to women that they can unleash all their energy doing whatever they want, even during their period, Tampax made the first commercial casting common girls with different passions who actually had their period during the shooting.…

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